Painting by John W Moran

For Janet Pfeffer, quilting is a calling and a passion. Her mission is to create quilts that bring joy and comfort and that raise money for good causes. She especially likes making memorial and celebratory quilts that incorporate meaningful clothing, colors, and themes.

Janet began quilting in 2003, in response to three years of intensive exposure to modern art and the works-in-progress of painter John W. Moran.

Janet's interactions with fiber and fabric started early: she has been a knitter since age seven and spent her childhood clothed by her mother in fabrics brought home by her father from the Ace Sample Card Company in NYC.

To earn a living, Janet has taught health and science and directed community programs for heart health and for drug-free youth. Among her joys are her young adult children, her hydrangea garden, and her dogs.

Elizabeth and Mark

The Boys

Janet in her garden

Janet also draws inspiration from the paintings of Henri Matisse and the quilters of Gee's Bend. She is grateful for the teachings and inspiration of Gwen Marsden, in Gwen's book Liberated Quilting.